Leaside United Church Census
With the coming together of LUC and PWUC we have a totally new situation, which opens up exciting new possibilities. Our coming together is an opportunity to think big and spend time discerning our purpose and call in the congregation and the larger community. Together more is possible so we want to spend time finding the best inspiration for the future vitality of our congregation.
This survey is the first step on a journey of discernment and discovery. We want to get a feel for who our members are and how they connect with the community and with their faith.
This is a CONFIDENTIAL survey, you can choose to give your name at the end, or not. Providing your name helps us to encourage and track the participation for our census. Names will not be linked with specific survey responses, or shared elsewhere. We ask that you, please, be honest in your answers so that the results of this survey are a true reflection of our church community.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out Leaside United's Census.
Section 1: Census Data Collection
The gender I most identify with is...
How long have you been attending Leaside United Church/ Presteign-Woodbine United Church?
What is your marital/relationship status?
Do you have children?
Do you have grandchildren?
Are you on a committee, council or task group?
How far is your home from Leaside United Church?
What type of transportation do you use most often to get to Leaside United?
What method of payment do you use for your offering?
My Sunday worship attendance at Leaside United is ...
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