Alchemicraft Redstone Application
Let's talk redstone. If you are planning to join the server as a redstoner there are both some general and unique requirements that should be understood. Alchemicraft is a technical server, meaning it will contain heavy amounts of redstone and autofarms. Because of this we recommend you have a solid PC, but feel free to still apply if you don't have one. General requirements that must be met:
- You must have a mic and discord.
- You need to be able to coordinate with both the redstoners and builders
- This is a community server, not an economy server, therefore you must understand that resources (within reason) are
stored in a community area for all to use on the next projects.
Join the public discord here
General Info
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Age (16+) *
How long have you been playing minecraft? *
Where are you from? *
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What kind of player are you? What skills do you have? *
Questions to gauge your skill level
What is the fastest way to get emeralds? *
On a scale of 1-10 how important are diamonds? *
Not Very
Extremely Important
How many items per hour does a hopper move? *
How many redstone ticks does it take to fully power a double piston extender? *
How many game ticks are in a second/hour/minecraft day? *
How much iron will a single cell golem farm produce in an hour? *
Why do we want build farm as low as possible? *
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