Barista Questionnaire
Hello! We at Counter Culture Coffee are collecting data from Baristas, Managers, and Cafe Owners/Program directors for our upcoming Professional Development series. We are aiming to determine factors that impact the sustainability of working in the retail world of specialty coffee. Your input is incredibly valuable, and we are excited to share our results in June.

Our goal is to collect data that can provide information oriented toward developing businesses and workplaces that are positive and sustainable for all.

Not a barista?
Owner/program director version of survey here -
Manager version of survey here -

Thank you for your input!

How long have you been a Barista? *
How long have you been at your current job? *
What is the longest you have stayed at the same job?
How long are your shifts?
Do you have scheduled breaks during your shift?
If/When you have scheduled breaks during your shift, are you able to take them?
Do you generally work...
When working with other people, are there designated roles and responsibilities (register, barista, dish, etc.)
Do you feel you have been adequately trained for your position?
If you feel you need more training, is it available to you?
If needed, is your manager able to work all positions on the floor?
Does your company have an HR (Human Resources) department?
If your company has an HR department, is it effective?
Does your job provide you with health insurance?
Are you able to receive a raise?
Do you receive tips?
Do you feel there are opportunities for growth within your current role/company?
Do you feel valued by your employer?
Do you hope to stay at your job...
Thank you for your response!
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