VE Credentials Form for ExamTools Software
VEs need to fill out this form with their account info in order to get their VE Credentials properly configured in the ExamTools system.
Your Full Name *
Your Callsign *
The next questions ask about your account at
If you do not yet have an account with ExamTools, please create one using your callsign as the username at the following link:

Then fill out the remaining questions using the information shown on your profile page at
Your Username at *
Your Email Address at *
Please select the VECs for which you are submitting this request: *
After completing the log-in to, please provide the 6-character REQUEST ID from the landing page. (If you are filling this out to add another VEC to your account, please just write "Adding VE Credentials" below.) *
Who asked you to fill out this form? (Name and callsign please) *
To help speed up your request, please provide a link to some form of evidence to verify your VE credentials. (Some examples are a link to an image of your VE badge, a link to the VE roster, an external website for your team, etc. Contact your VE Team Lead for help if needed.)
Thank you!
Please submit this form so we can configure you as a Volunteer Examiner in the ExamTools system.
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