The story so far in school.....
This survey relates to how you feel about your new school. The survey is anonymous so please answer as honestly as you can. If you feel unsure about the question please ask the teacher. The results of the survey will be shared with you later on in the week. Thanks for taking the time to do this properly, the results are important to us in finding out how you are getting on so far in school.
Students in my school treat one another with respect *
I feel safe in class *
I feel safe around the school - in the yard, the locker room, the corridors etc. *
My teachers set and expect high standards *
Our school respects all races and cultures *
The school encourages everyone to be respectful and doesn't tolerate bullying. *
What are the things you like most about the school? *
What is the biggest challenge you are facing in the classroom at the moment? *
What are you finding most difficult about school at the moment? *
On average, how much time is spent doing homework each evening *
I feel that getting a chance to experience all of the optional subjects has helped me choose the right subjects for me. *
My family keep an eye on vsware to see how I am doing in school *
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