Please sign on to the Brown-Bennet-Durbin-Wyden Working Family Tax Proposal!
The Coalition on Human Needs and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities are asking for help from your state/local organization to support a new proposal by Senators Brown, Bennet, Durbin, and Wyden to substantially expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC), two highly effective tax credits that help working people with low-wage jobs support themselves and their families. The bill, known as the Working Families Tax Relief Act, would boost the economic security of 46 million households encompassing 114 million people. All but one member of the Senate Democratic Caucus have cosponsored the bill, which sends a strong signal about the importance of expanding these tax credits—and if we can build a long list of supporting organizations across the country, that will send an even stronger signal!

You can learn more about the bill here:
CBPP's two-page policy brief:
CBPP's Analysis:

The Senators are seeking endorsements from state/local organizations for this proposal. Please fill out the form below to add your organization to the list of bill supporters (sorry, just organizations at this time; not individuals). When you fill out the form, you can also choose to submit a quote from an organizational spokesperson affirming the importance of the legislation to your organization and your constituencies. Submitting a quote is optional.

Your support of this legislation is critical to helping us make the case that improving the EITC and CTC should be a top policy priority amid conversations about helping struggling families and fixing our tax laws. This is the only bill that substantially improves both the EITC and CTC. More details on the bill’s provisions (including state estimates of how many people would benefit) are explained in the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ analysis of the bill and two-page policy brief. Highlights of the legislation include:

• Increases the EITC for families with children by roughly 25 percent
• Substantially increases the EITC for workers not raising dependent children and expands the age range of those eligible for the credit to people ages 19 to 67
• Makes the full $2,000 CTC available to all low- and moderate-income families
• Creates a Young Child Tax Credit that adds $1,000 to a family’s CTC for kids under the age of 6
• Makes the CTC available to many more families in Puerto Rico and expands Puerto Rico’s new EITC

More than 80 national organizations have already endorsed the bill—please add your organization to the list of supporting organizations below.

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