Job Application at Wishing Star Marketing, Promotions & Recruitment
Wishing Star Marketing & Promotions offers a wide range of services to help create and grow your Second Life business. We assist our clients with the daily tasks such as advertisement, research and finding ways to get their name known. We work with our clients to create a plan focusing on their individual goals for their company.

We are looking for hard working enthusiastic people to join our team. Who are willing to perform their tasks and duties excellently.
A friendly and stress free environment with good/handsome pay. Pay will be discussed in the/during interview.

Duties/ Requirements/ Job Description

Media Specialists:
- Must be able to commit 5 hours /week.
- Must have 5 group space free.
- Must be active in at least 1 Social Media Platform.
- Willing to learn and take responsibility.
- Good with Google Docs and Google Sheets.
- Email will be required.

Recruitment Specialists:
- Must have past experience as a manager [club/other jobs]
- Must be able to commit to deadlines.
- Must be responsible.

- Communication is Key.
- Willingness to learn and help others
- Able to commit an hour 6 days a week.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned positions and want to join our team then fill this form

Completed forms will be contacted by sarahadam Resident to book an appointment with the CEO/Founder for an interview.
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