Johnson City Library Programs & Services Survey
This survey is intended to help the library learn more about our patrons and their opinions.
On average, how often do you visit the library?
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What library services most interest you? (Select all that apply)
Have you ever attended a library program?
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If you answered yes to the last question, what type of program did you attend?
What type of program interests you most? (select all that apply)
Please check all of the programs below that are of interest to you.
Please check all of the events below that you would be interested in attending at the library.
If you are not interested in attending programs or events, please state the reason why.
Please select the time frame(s) that work best for you for programs and events (ex. Monday 12-2pm). (Select all that apply)
How do you normally find out information about what is happening at the library? (Select all that apply)
How would you like to find out about future library programs and services? (select all that apply)
If you selected Local Community Boards in the previous question, please state where in the local community you have in mind.
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