Earth Science Class Expectations

1” three-ring binder used ONLY for Earth Science. This will hold your lab packet.
Pencils and pens
Lined paper
PLEASE, IF POSSIBLE: Computer, Tablet or Netbook -- We encourage students to use technology appropriately. Please be sure to complete the "Bring Your Own Device" Agreement for both parents and students on Jeffco Connect.

The course expectations are simple. In this class, you are expected to come to class on time, ready to learn, and willing to respect your classmates, your teacher, your school, and yourself. Read below to learn more about these expectations.

Come to class on time…
Class starts when the bell rings. You are tardy if you are not in your seat, working on the question of the day or starting the day's assignment when the bell rings.

Ready to learn…
Come to class prepared every day (lab packet, pencil, pen, ruler, paper, calculator, and any ongoing assignments).

Respect your classmates, your teacher, your school, and yourself…
There is a time to talk and a time to listen, a time to be in your seat and a time to move around. Courtesy and respect will dictate which you are doing at any particular time. Appropriate class behavior is expected of you from the moment you enter the room.
Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. This classroom is not a safe place to horseplay, run or throw things, including paper.
Because this is a science classroom, it is not appropriate to eat in here. Drinks, in a closeable container, are permitted.
Never touch equipment or lab supplies before getting permission from your teacher.

These policies apply to ALL absences: sickness, appointments, travel, personal, school activities, field trips, athletics, etc. Excused absences incur no penalties when work is completed promptly; however, suspensions and unexcused absence are penalized per district guidelines.

Any student who is absent is allowed one week to make up work. If you are absent only one day, and that day is a test day, EXPECT to take your make-up test during class or Advisement on the day of your return.

When absent, check the calendar on the class web site to determine what was missed. Many times assignments and notes are posted under class documents and the missed day’s work can be completed prior to returning to school.

You are responsible for making up all missed work when absent. Advisement is the time to see me regarding missed assignments. I may be available to assist at other times by arrangement; however, please do NOT ask about missed assignments before or during class.

There is to be no communication (verbal, nonverbal, or cellular!) between students during a test. When you finish your exam/quiz, you may read a book, work on homework, or study for another class. Any student talking, or engaging in any other inappropriate test-taking behavior, will receive a ZERO for that exam.

Assignments need to be turned in at the beginning of class on the day they are due. Late assignments can be turned in for half credit until the end of the unit.

Many times in class, students will work in small groups of two or three; however, most assignments, labs, and projects will require an individual submission. I do encourage students to help each other, but I still expect students to have integrity on assignments. While lab partners may have similar written responses and approaches, only assignments that are your own original work will receive credit. I consider copying another group’s data as plagiarism. I also consider students taking pictures or screenshots of their own or someone else's work as plagiarism. All instances will be reported per school policy.

Your course grade will consist of homework, projects, presentations, lab work, tests/quizzes, and a final. Points are assigned to all graded activities and the total points determine the grade.
Grading scale: A=90-100%; B= 80-89.99 %; C= 70-79.99 %; D= 60-69.99 %; F=0- 59.99 %
Extra credit is not assigned at the end of the grading period to "save" a grade. There are extra credit activities during the year. They are usually small but can add up if you complete them. Take advantage of extra credit at the time it is assigned.
Tests will be discussed after they are graded but in most cases they will not be given back for you to keep. Once all students have tested, tests may be viewed at a student’s leisure during access. Parents can request to see the tests.

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