HOLA Congressional Blitz
HOLA is currently working with more than 30 US-citizen children whose parents are scheduled to be deported within months. With the Trump administration's hardline policies leaving them with no options for relief, their parents now must choose between leaving their children behind or bringing them to a country where some will not be able to attend school or access urgently needed medical care.

These families are a microcosm of a massive humanitarian crisis that is tearing apart families across the country. Now is the time to act.

HOLA is mobilizing concerned constituents to visit their representatives' local offices May 15 -19, every hour, on the hour with two demands:

• Congress has the ability – and the responsibility – to fix our inhumane immigration system. Start working on a comprehensive reform bill now.

• Congress has the power to rein in ICE. Stop allowing ICE to detain and deport immigrants who do not pose any threat to national security.

Help us send a message to our members of Congress that they can't ignore. Sign up to visit your representative during this peaceful blitz.

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