Host Family Application

NOTE: Information about your family members and your address will be shared with your Intern prior to their arrival.

By submitting this form to the LNFI Intern Committee, you are committing to be a host family if called upon.
Family Name *
This will be the unique identifier for your family. Use a shared last name or a combination of multiple surnames.
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Parent Name(s)
First and last name of first parent living in the house
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First and last name of second parent living in the house. If there isn't a second parent living in the house, please leave this blank.
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What grades will your LNFI children be in when you are hosting?
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In addition to the parent(s) and LNFI student(s), who else will be living in your home?
Tell us ages (or grades in school), genders, and relationships
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Contacting you
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Where do you live?
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Where is your home?
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What transit routes are close to your home?
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Intern accommodations
Will the intern have a private bedroom? *
Note: A private living space is required. If no, please explain in "Other".
What access to the Internet will the intern have?
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How will your Intern regularly travel to and from school?
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