South Park LA Residential Survey
Please complete the questionnaire below. This survey will take roughly 5-10 minutes to complete. Information will not be released publicly without permission. Thank you for your help in improving the South Park community.

Not sure if you live in South Park? Here are the residential buildings located within the Business Improvement District (BID):

717 Olympic
City Lights on Fig
Flower Street Lofts
Grand Lofts
Hanover Grand
Hope Village
Hubbard Arms
Mercy Housing
Met Lofts
New Carver Apartments
Oviatt Apartments
Packard Lofts
Ritz-Carlton Condos
Telacu Plaza
Villa Metropolitano
Villa Del Pueblo
Villa De La Esperanza
Villa Flores
Walden House

Winners will be announced at the "Meet-Your-Neighbors" event on May 24, 2016. RSVP:

I. About You
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Age Range
Do you have pets?
Do you have children?
How many people live in the same apartment/condo?
How long have you lived in South Park?
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Do you also work in South Park? If so, where?
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Do you also play in South Park? If so, what is your favorite restaurant or bar?
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Are you a:
What made you decide to live in South Park?
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Did your impression of South Park before moving to the neighborhood live up to its expectation?
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If you answered the questions above, could we use your answer as a website or newsletter testimonial?
II. Fostering Communication
What is the best way to notify you and your fellow residents about community happenings?
Would you be willing to distribute information about the BID and South Park neighborhood to your residents?
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Would you be willing to share information about the BID and South Park neighborhood on your website, newsletter, and/or social media platforms?
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Would you be willing to be a South Park BID ambassador (liaison to the BID), or locate someone in your building?
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Where do you currently go to find out about local news and events in DTLA?
Are you aware that each residential building has its own feature on the South Park website?
Have you attended a South Park Stakeholders Group Board or Committee Meeting?
If not, what has prevented you from attending?
III. BID Community Services and Engagement
What is your impression of where the BID spends most of its time?
Where do you think the BID should be allocating more of its time?
Have you attended a:
What other types of community events would you like to see hosted by the BID?
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Are yo aware of how to submit a maintenance request through our website at
Did you know that the South Park kiosk and kiosk furniture is available for free for community use? (
Have you been affected by homelessness or illegal street vending in the district?
If yes, would you be willing to sign a letter to send to local elected officials?
IV. Improving the Community
What would you like to see next by way of public art in the community?
Which community improvement project would you most like to see?
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Thank you!
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