Link2Feed Registration - East County Food Pantry at Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church
We ask each household who is receiving food through the East County Food Pantry at Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church to register with link2feed.   This form will help us to better serve our communities by gaining a better understanding of people’s experiences and backgrounds so that we can improve our programs and advocate for more resources to benefit our neighbors. Any information you share is confidential and kept private within the Oregon Food Bank network. This information will not be shared with the government or be used to restrict the services you receive. We are an equal opportunity provider. No services will be denied if you choose not to fill out this form. You are welcome to share as much or as little information as you would like.  You will only need to provide your information one time at any of the Oregon Food Bank partner agencies that use Link2Feed. If you have any questions, or need help filling out this form, please ask a staff person or volunteer onsite. We are happy to help. (Note: a Google account or sign-in is NOT required.)
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When did you first access food assistance with a partner agency of the Oregon Food Bank? (estimation ok)
How many people live in your household? *
In order to be eligible to receive food, you must self declare that your income is at or below the income listed for the number of people in your household.  According to this table, are you eligible to receive food assistance? *
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