Bexar County Academy Charter School Parent Survey: School Reopening 2020-21
Planning for the reopening of our schools in the 2020-21 School Year is happening now, and we need your feedback.

Please respond to this short survey. Consider what options are best for you and your family based on the information you have today regarding the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. Your responses will help us plan for several scenarios in case we are unable to operate under a traditional school setting. Thank you for your help.
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1. How many children will attend Bexar County Academy this coming 2020-2021 school year? *
2. What grade(s) will your child (ren) attend next year? (Mark all that apply) *
3. If students are allowed back on school campuses - either part-time or full-time - I would choose: *
4. If the public health rules call for a reduced number of students in classrooms (i.e. social distancing), we may need to employ a hybrid or blended model of instruction which includes some distance learning time with in-person classroom time. If this becomes our requirement for any part of the upcoming school year, which option best suits you? *
5. If we return to school in August in any of the previously mentioned hybrid or blended models, would this present a childcare issue for you on the days or times when your child would not be in school? *
6. If you answered YES to question #5, please select the situation that best describes your childcare needs. *
7. If distance learning must occur, select the practices which would enhance your child's learning experience. *
8. What are you most concerned about as you consider whether to send your children to our school? *
9. Do you have internet service at home? *
10. If you do not have internet service, will you provide your address so we can geographically identify areas that need service and potentially provide assistance? *
11. Do you have any constructive criticism or suggestions for us concerning issues that are within our control? *
12. If YES, please share with us any other information that you would like to provide at this time.
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