ALL Online Classes Survey
Form Revision A, as issued, 5/11/2020

Dear ALL Community:

COVID-19 has forced a new “normal,” and the ALL population remains vulnerable. With in-person classes not a current option, the ALL Board has discussed various options to be taken only if there is interest and support from the Membership. With the current recommendations from the CDC, the decision of the First Congregational Church to not re-open the building until September at the earliest, and recognizing other venues will likely not be rented to in-person groups, in-person ALL classes cannot be scheduled for the 2020 Fall Term, and possibly the 2021 Winter Term.

The ALL Board needs to hear from you now. Presenters may be willing to offer online classes. With online classes, ALL could continue to provide learning opportunities with local and regional perspectives, and opportunities for personal interaction during or after the class. These opportunities are not found on TED.COM or other Internet sites.
Have you used ANY online meeting or video conferencing applications, e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Google Hangout, Cisco Webex, et al?
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