Groundwork Pro Evaluation
As a new collective and to gain the most from our pilot programme, we would greatly appreciate your feedback to continue to develop our work to suit the needs of the professional dance artists in Wales.
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How would you rate the overall quality of the classes/events?
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Is there enough variety of contemporary techniques?
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Would there be any particular style you would like to have more of? If so, what?
Are there teachers you would like us to invite to give class/workshops here in the future?
Have you discovered a style or teacher you weren’t familiar with? If so, was this useful for your professional development?
Does the time of class (9:30-11am) suit you? If not, what time would be best for your schedule?
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If class were offered daily during the week, on average how many classes would you attend?
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When would be the most suitable time for events for you?
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How do you feel about the spaces our classes/events are being held in?
Does the location affect your decision to attend class/events?
Would you prefer the class to be in one location all the time?
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How is the cost of class/events?
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Does the £10 per three classes deal make a difference to how often you take class?
How do you usually find out about dance opportunities?
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Have you made new contacts or strengthened existing ones through attending our classes?
Do you think Groundwork Pro makes a difference to your life as a dancer in Cardiff/Wales? If so, how?
Any other comments / suggestions / feedback?
Thank you for your time.
The Groundwork Pro team

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