Residential Estimating Service Builder Profile Form
This form is for customers and clients of Residential Estimating Service in Houston, Texas. It is a tool to collect valuable information regarding material specification requirements.

If you are ready to begin working with our firm, please allow us to say "welcome aboard". We appreciate your business and your confidence in our service.

So that we can provide you with the best estimating experience possible, please read through this builder profile and specification form and then fill it out as completely as possible. If you need to input an answer that is different from those provided in the selection boxes, please just add a note at the bottom of each section.

If you would like assistance in completing the builder profile, just give us a call at 832-377-7203. We'll be glad to help you through it.

Thank you for trusting us to be your estimating service provider.
About Our Process
Residential Estimating Service provides various material estimating services to Professional Builders, Owner-Builders, and Lumber Companies. Having been in business continually since 1992, we have estimated many thousands of Residential, Multi-Family, and Light Commercial projects for Custom and Production homes as well as for Commercial contractors.

Although we can estimate most elements of the above mentioned project types, our primary focus is on "frame lumber takeoffs for wood-framed projects. Collecting information for this type of estimating project is the nature of this particular "Builder Profile" form.

What do we include in a traditional Frame Lumber Takeoff?
We include framing lumber and certain other materials from foundation through a "dried-in" project. This may include slab on grade foundation forms (if required) and include materials for walls, ceilings, roof rafters, sheathing, exterior trim, roof decking, shingles, and other elements.

You can find an example of what we include in our Frame Lumber Takeoff at:

Note that engineered floor systems and roof truss systems must be estimated by their respective manufacturers and are generally not included (although we certainly will include engineered beams as indicated). Also, we don't include windows or doors - since these are among the first items to be changed prior to construction. We don't include basement form materials since these are typically included by the basement contractor.

You must review your estimate closely before using it.
As the builder, we want you to be aware that due to the nature of interpreting the myriad of plans, engineering, and specifications that we receive from our clients, we often must make judgment calls regarding estimating the material needs for each individual job. We regularly put notes and memos within our estimates in an attempt to inform the user of the estimate of such judgment calls. It must be understood that since no estimate can anticipate every jobsite requirement and that human judgment can lead to incorrect or inaccurate presumptions and calculations, that the user of the estimate - specifically the builder - must review the estimate completely and accept full responsibility for its use prior to using it. We strongly encourage and recommend that each builder anticipate that additional materials may be required as their home is being built and to budget according to their ability to absorb the impact of all related cost overruns.

Our Commitment to You
Once you receive your estimate, we will do all that we can to answer any questions or observations regarding it that you may have. We will make appropriate changes or adjustments to your estimate in order to answer your concerns.

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to speak to an estimator, please contact our office at 832-377-7203. For more information, you may also visit our website at or email us at

Thank you for your interest in Residential Estimating Service.
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