Internews is launching a funding pool to diversify and scale SAFETAG across the broader human rights and digital security community. Internews is seeking to fund approximately individuals or teams embedded in organizations to customize SAFETAG to meet their needs, conduct SAFETAG-based assessments integrating these customizations, and share these approaches back with the SAFETAG community. Grant amounts are expected to vary based on local costs and scope, but the average grant is expected to be $25,000 USD and 4 months in length.

Winning applications must support at least two SAFETAG-based assessments of at-risk organizations working with vulnerable or marginalized communities. These assessments should be in parallel with the creation and documentation of customized approaches -- new activities which work better for the applicant's region/community/specific threats and/or a "playlist" of existing (and custom-created or modified) SAFETAG activities which best work for this community. Grantees will be expected to responsibly share the non-identifying context research (e.g. high-level country risk assessments) within the SAFETAG community and to coordinate on peer-training events to share their approach. Following each assessment, the grantee will help the recipient organization develop risk mitigation plans to address weaknesses, and either provide direct support through existing organizational programming or connect the organization to external services, goods, or funding support as needed to address their security vulnerabilities.

Throughout this entire process, the grantee will have ongoing access and mentoring from Internews’ SAFETAG team and access to the combination of skills and implementation expertise of the entire fellowship pool. Internews will work to "match-make" grantees working on similar or related challenges for peer-training opportunities.

Please see the "Review Criteria" and "Regulations" sections below for our judging criteria and funding requirements.

If you would prefer to submit this information via PGP, please send to, encrypting to Jon Camfield (
Review Criteria
Applications are due November 17 and will be evaluated by Internews' SAFETAG team, the SAFETAG Community Advisory Board, and in consultation with the Department of Human Rights and Labor according to the criteria (and regulations) in the submission form. If funds permit a second round will be opened in 2018.

The review criteria are as follows:

1) Quality of Program Idea and associated activities (40 Points)
* Work will address specific security needs of organizations working with at-risk populations
* Grantee's knowledge of mitigating risks in the local environment, and their ability to safely conduct the proposed activities will be evaluated based upon a risk assessment and security plan that will be provided along-side applications
* Advances the state of organizational security through the creation of modules and/or diversification of experience based on local threats or organizational characteristics

2) Program Planning/Ability to Achieve Objectives (20 Points)
* Includes a detailed workplan for integrating SAFETAG into core work
* Includes CV/Resume for prospective SAFETAG Fellows demonstrating topic expertise and field experience
* Establishes a process for identifying and selecting organizations to be audited or an existing community of organizations they are servicing under their current work.
* Demonstrates the willingness to work in deep collaboration with Internews to incorporate SAFETAG style audits into their programmatic approaches.

3) Institution’s Record and Capacity; Program Monitoring and Evaluation (20 Points)
* Demonstrated record of safely operating in hostile digital environments
* Ability to meet all reporting requirements and deadlines under a grant agreement (grantees will need to report on the number of organizations and size of staff supported, location(s) and thematic work of the organization. No PII is required, but each grantee is expected to ensure the organization is not listed in any of these sources: ,, or )
* Capacity and plan for long-term integration of SAFETAG style audits into their programmatic approaches.

4) Cost Effectiveness (20 Points)
* Demonstrates an existing, or upcoming, implementation that will be leveraged to provide support to the audited organizations to address the audit findings
* Demonstrates a commitment to continuing the integration of SAFETAG in their programming after the grant period
This funding will be administered in accordance with The Department of Human Rights and Labor / Department of State standard terms and conditions (

In addition, regulations and provisions, at minimum, of 2CFR200 and 2CFR600 ( Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, will apply to subawards issued as a result of this RFA.

Proposal budgets will be reviewed in accordance with, and selected subrecipients’ costs will be subject to, the cost principles that apply to them to assure reasonableness, allocability, and allowability as per 2CFR200 Subpart E, Cost Principles (
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