LaunchX Club President Application: 2018-2019
LaunchX gives high school students the skills and mindset to start real companies.

We hand our curriculum off to motivated and forward-thinking teens so you can build a startup throughout the school year, supported by our programming, resources, and mentorship.


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— Early application deadline: April 30, 2018.
— Regular application deadline: June 1, 2018.
— Early club fees due: September 1st (international, financial waiver requests, invoice requests, check payment)
— All club fees due: October 1st (final deadline, no exceptions)

Due to high demand, we will NOT accept any late applications or fees. Make sure that you complete all of the required information—you will not be accepted if you do not include all sections.

If accepted, your admission will be conditional upon completing additional milestones in the months after admission. More information on these deliverables will be provided upon acceptance.


Club fees are due October 1. If you are outside of the US or want to pay your fees in any way other than PayPal, your fees will be due September 1.

The fee structure for 2018-2019 will be tiered based on the number of club members. The more students involved in the club, the more affordable the yearly fee per student.


— School Information - general information
— Club Leadership Team - please select or hold elections for key leadership positions plus determine your school faculty advisor prior to submission
— Club President Assessment - your expectations for the club including a short video submission

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