HARMONY 2018 Lightning Talks
We are encouraging people to do a 'lightning presentation' during the introductory session on Monday morning. The topic can range from a software tool that uses COMBINE standards/models that you are producing, to difficulties you are encountering, to a topic you'd like to discuss with others. This is an opportunity to find out what people are doing with COMBINE standards like SBML, SBOL, SED-ML, CellML, etc.

Talks will be strictly time limited to 2 minutes, and should contain at most 2 slides. Slides must be emailed in advance to Jonathan Cooper for collation into a single deck, to avoid delays when switching speakers.

You may sign up for multiple talks if you have multiple topics you'd like to introduce!

If you will be arriving later than Monday morning, but would still like to give a lightning talk, let us know and we can schedule a second session on Tuesday.

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