Brite Winter 2018 Art Intake Form
Get Involved in Brite Winter, Saturday January 24 2018! There are a couple of KEY ways to get involved in Brite winter - you can participate as part of the art crew, as a workshop leader, as an art fabricator, or as an art grantee. Please read on to learn more!

CREW MEMBERS will work with us over the weeks leading up to Brite Winter - we typically meet Thursday afternoons and Saturdays in the Saint Clair Superior neighborhood at the Hamilton Collaborative.

ART LEADS have a vision or concept they want to bring to life during a dedicated workshop - they design and implement the project with our support and in collaboration with the CREW.

GRANTEES typically work independently on their projects, including budgeting, construction and installation, though we still work closely to make sure it all comes together!

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If you checked CREW or FABRICATOR, please let us know about your skills and interests
If you checked CREW of FABRICATOR, please let us know anything else about your background and the kinds of projects you like working on, including your professional experience, if applicable.
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If you are interested in joining us as a PROJECT LEAD or GRANTEE, please fill out the next section. Otherwise, you're all done! Simply click through and hit "submit." You'll receive an email with information on our workshop times and other ways to get involved!
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