Questions for the NS2 Team: NS2 China
After an unexpected participation in the [NSL] Community Challenge of June 2019, the team representing the servers NS2CN managed to become the vice-champions of the tournament and offered quite a show before going down twice to the same opponent. Out of nowhere, team NS2 China won many a heart amongst the viewers on Twitch during the event, and everyone was cheering and memeing.

The [NSL] will try to investigate deeper into the world of NS2CN and interview some of the members of the team live on Twitch.
If you have a question for these guys (Leooood, #1 WING, Wang, SeiteR etc. as well as Axamdy, who runs the NS2CN servers) you can ask it here, and it will get asked live on Twitch.

- No bad joke, pun, or racial slur please.
- Questions will all be read, and will not be asked if deemed inappropriate.
- It is possible that some of the questions asked in this form will not make it to the interview.

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