Kindergarten Parent Input Form
Welcome to Kindergarten at CRE! We are excited to get to know your child! This information will help us get to know your child better.
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How would you like your child's first name to appear on desks and locker name tags? (ex: Benjamin=Ben)
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My child has attended preschool or daycare.
If your child attended preschool, how often did they attend?
Can your child take care of his or her own bathroom needs independently?
Can your child identify letters out of order?
Can your child recognize numbers 1-20 out of order?
What is your child's birth date?
Do you have any concerns about your child's growth in the following areas:
Does your child become easily frustrated?
How comfortable is your child when separated from you? (1=difficult 5=comfortable)
Can your child write their name?
Before your child begins kindergarten, is there anything you'd like us to know or consider when placing them in a classroom?
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