2019-2020 State Grant Funds Reallocation Submission Form
IMPORTANT: Grantees have discretion on how they would like to allocate funds to individual line items within their awarded budget categories. If your organization plans to allocate funds from one budget category to another, a reallocation request is required.

So long as an Applicant organization remains in good standing with respect to all reporting requirements, the Applicant organization can submit a proposal to reallocate funds on a rolling basis from December 1st to June 1st, 2020. Funding reallocations must fit within grant parameters as outlined in the Notification of Funding Availability. Any proposed reallocation must first be submitted and approved by FAFCC before such reallocation and expensing begins. As with other funded line-items, grant funds must be expended and completed by no later than June 30th, 2020. Awardees are allowed up to four reallocation requests per grant cycle.

Apply the rule of 1 to 1: for each new reallocation of a budget category to another, there should be a submitted request form. E.g. If you are planning to reallocate funding from programmatic and personnel costs to operational costs, two separate reallocations requests will be required. Multiple line-items can constitute a single reallocation request, along as they all fall under the same budget category. If you are unsure what constitutes a line-item or reallocation, please contact an FAFCC staff member.
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If this reallocation request includes line-items not previously requested in the 2018-2019 Grant Application. Please provide the scope of work to be completed as well as a statement of need:
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Please note that the Reallocation Requests are meant to be used strategically, including but not limited to cases of awarded budget categories coming under budget. The Reallocation Process is meant to aid Awardees in expending their awarded grant amount by the end of the grant cycle while ensuring that funds spent are an effective use of grant dollars. Once a reallocation request is submitted, FAFCC will use the same standards of review as used in the grant application to ensure the quality and timely implementation of the request can be executed. The submission of a reallocation request does not guarantee approval. Please allow 8-10 business days for a decision on your reallocation request. If your reallocation request is approved, you will receive a document via email for your records with the amended changes to Awarded Budget Categories. This amended document is to be kept with your Executed Grant Agreement and to be used when completing future progress reports for the remainder of the grant cycle.
I, the Project Liaison, confirm that the above information is correct and is ready for review by the FAFCC request. Furthermore, I understand that this reallocation request does not guarantee approval. *
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