Trans Resiliency Fund
PLEASE NOTE: this fund is being transformed to specifically serve trans women and trans femmes who are Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour, particularly those engaged in sex economies - regardless of geographic location. our aim is to provide direct aid to folks affected by both transmisogyny and sex worker antagonism.


Organized and managed on unceded Coast Salish territory in so-called Vancouver, Canada, the Trans Resiliency Fund is a general emergency fund for low-income trans folks to access. Funds are received from cis and/or financially privileged folks and is managed by volunteer organizers of the Coalition Against Trans Antagonism. If you are a trans person in need of assistance of any kind, please fill out this form to access funding and/or resources. We ask you that you are honest with us through this process as we work to prioritize multiply-marginalized trans folks.

The funds can be used for a wide variety of reasons for immediate and urgent needs. You are welcome to list general resources you need access to, and we will do our best to reach out throughout our networks to help acquire what you need. If your listed needs fit into government-sponsored funding, resources, or a fund better resourced than the Trans Resiliency Fund, we will redirect you and can support you in your application process.

Transactions can be made through e-transfer, paypal, cheque, or cash (listed on order of preference).

Funds will prioritize trans women and trans femmes (TMA/AMAB) who are:
- Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour
- sex workers/engaged in sex economies
- low-income
- disabled and/or immuno-compromised
- undocumented/precarious status
- living in a non-Western/developing country

Please note: we are in our first months of opening up this fund. All applicants be aware that these funds are limited and please be patient as we may encounter difficulties during this trial period.


Applications can also be sent by email.

Questions and feedback can be sent to:

For more information about Trans Week of Resilience:
For more information about Coalition Against Trans Antagonism:


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