Where our Lum Bears will go next
Many of us would like to know where our friends and classmates will be next year. The purpose of this survey is to gather that information to share just within our Lum community. This is a voluntary survey put out by parents, not by the school or the district. Please respond to these questions if you are willing to share your family's plans with one another.

We are only gathering information about current Lum students. If you have other children who do not attend Lum this year, please do not include them in your responses here.

Parent's last name
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Parent's first name
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Parent's email address (only if you want to be included in a directory for Lum parents)
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Would you be willing to be a former Lum PTA rep/liaison to your new school's PTA?
Child #1 last name
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Child #1 first name
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Child #1: What grade will your child be starting in the fall?
What school will your child attend next year?
Please respond to the following question based on where AUSD assigned your child for next fall
Do you have any other children who attend Lum this year?
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