Nuneaton COVID-19 Volunteers
Nuneaton COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Thank you're generous support and help ❤

This list is being compiled by Cllr Dan Gissane / Love Nuneaton to share with groups that are doing mutual aid work around COVID-19 in Nuneaton. Information is still coming in from official agencies, but people have been reaching out to volunteer locally and others have been working hard to support residents in need.

Safe distancing is important, but we also have to be able to help the most vulnerable in our community. Your information will not be shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose.

Feel free to share this and use it in your area. If this is useful to any other groups/local Councillors/agencies etc you're welcome to use it for yourself and see responses (or I can help set you up with the same form to keep responses private).

You can contact me through and feel free to tag me in posts on Facebook. Some will get missed but tag me again, send a message, or call on 07771 340650 and if I can't answer just drop me a text.

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What about GDPR?
This is a global pandemic and I'm sure the ICO or EU will not be trying to prosecute individuals for organising help. There is some suggestion that GDPR has legislation to cover a cover situation like this but either way, your data is not going to be shared for any reason other than organising support.
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