RTSY Goes to SkyZone
We will be going to SkyZone of Ocean Township (2355 State Highway 66, Ocean Township, NJ 07712) on Sunday, January 6th from 1:00-3:45pm.
Cost is $20 for RTSY-paid members and $25 for non-paid RTSY/NFTY members.

Includes 1.5 hrs of jumping, special socks, pizza & drinks!

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If this is your 2nd RTSY event, you MUST become a RTSY-paid member. https://trt.wufoo.com/forms/trt-rtsy-membership-application-20182019/
Parent Chaperones *
We will definitely need some parents to stay with us and chaperone the event.
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Name and cell phone number of parent volunteering
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Extra information
Is there anything extra I need to know for this event? Any medical history, physical limitations, concerns, etc?
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If the teens' parent is unable to be reached, who should I call in case of an emergency. Please list Name & Cell number
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TRT Youth Driving Policy
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As we will be meeting at SkyZone of Ocean Township, please read and date below that you have read the Driving Policy. #1 - #5 highly pertain to this event. Everyone must indicate the date they read this, no matter how they are being transported to the studio, to show that you understand that NJ laws need to be followed and anyone driving anyone else needs to inform Shifra.
SkyZone Waiver
All teens and parents joining RTSY MUST fill out this waiver BEFORE attending the event. https://oceanstore.skyzone.com/waiver/
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