Liberty - Call for artists
LIBERTY, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union which involves also other 12 cultural partners from 10 countries.

In 2020 Explora* will deliver LIBERTY ART FESTIVAL, a Festival of Visual Arts in November 2020, to celebrate the International Children’s Day: we are looking for young artists to dialogue and interact with children, investigating the importance of European unity, freedom, independence and fundamental rights and the impact of Covid-19.

(*run by Museo dei Bambini SCS Onlus)
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Personal data
In this section, enter your personal data as "individual artist" or as "group"  (at least 2 people formally working together are considered "group").
Just a single form is therefore required for each group.
1) Do you work individually or in a group? *
2a) If you apply as individual, indicate your name and surname:
2b) If you apply as group, indicate the name and surname of "each" official member of the group:
2c) Still, if you apply as group, specify the legal company name:
3) Artist or group also known as: *
4) Age at start of the project (01/09/2019) or majority age for the group *
5) Country of residence: *
6) Nationality: *
7) Travel restrictions (if applicable):
8) Artist or group contact email: *
9) Artist or group contact phone number (including the country calling code) *
About you and your work
10) Basically, are you an illustrator? *
11) Have you ever published illustrated books for children? *
Please do not consider your self-published books
12) If Yes, please provide title, publisher and possibly a link for each one of your illustrated books
13) Have you ever conducted a workshop for children? *
14) If Yes, which target age?
15) Have you ever developed online tutorials for children? *
16) If Yes, please share some links
17) Genre of all your works: *
18) Tell us about you (as artist or group) and your work (max 1,000 characters including spaces): *
19) Artist or group website: *
20) Which social media do you use to promote your artistic activity? *
Please share your social media links below, including Youtube/Vimeo links if you have.
Read our information on the personal data processing (Italian text only) *
By filling out this form, you give permission to enter, publish and share your data and the images of your artworks in the Liberty Portfolio through which you could be directly contacted by the project coordinator (Artreach) and by the 10 partners of the Liberty Consortium, here listed *
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