NW SEM Collaborative Working Group Interest
The NW SEM Collaborative has been a force of change in the SEM Industry over the last decade due to the hard work, roll-up-your-sleeves collaborative mentality and drive of the Working Groups. Working Groups are a voluntary way to add your voice, meet new people, and create content that will benefit a much larger community of practice.

2021 Working Group Requirements:

• Two or more co-leads committed to leading through November 2021:
o Must provide updates to the Leadership Team quarterly
o Must present updates at the Fall Workshop (October)
• Participants interested in supporting the following:
o Discussion on deliberate topic-focused agendas
o Production of some tangible results (white paper, guidance documents, etc.)
• Designated Leadership Team sponsor

By mid-December, the NW SEM Collaborative Leadership Team will identify Working Groups with enough critical mass and contact prospective leaders to form groups. Depending on interest, the Leadership Team may offer alternative opportunities to network and discuss additional topics (for topics that don't have enough momentum to form a full-fledge Working Group).

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Potential Working Group Topics
Measurement & Verification:
Confront challenges, find opportunities, and share insights on how to make M&V of SEM projects more effective.

Beyond the E:
Collaboratively discuss the additional benefits (engagement, customer service, non-energy specific resource conservation) that SEM brings to organizations. Topics selected at kickoff meeting in January.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & SEM:
Develop strategies for delivering SEM in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive way.

Emissions Reduction and SEM:
Discuss and develop strategies to integrate greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies with SEM.

SEM Business Cases:
Develop business case for how SEM helps integrate all energy decisions, including renewables, storage, carbon impacts, building performance standards and more.

Northwest SEM 101:
Develop resources to bring new SEM Collaborative members up to speed on NW history, working group development, and topics critical to evolving SEM.

EMA Benchmarking:
Focus on establishing a database of Energy Management Assessment (EMA) data to enable analysis of SEM practice adoption trends across SEM program participants to provide program and market insights to drive program innovation and increase results.

Small-to-Medium Business SEM Delivery:
Discuss and explore approaches to addressing barriers to SEM participation and delivery for small-to-medium customers.
Where and how would you like to participate in 2021?
Our experience is people have time to effectively participate in one or two groups at once. With this in mind, please limit your ‘Participate’ votes to your top three groups. You can select ‘Please keep me informed’ on as many groups as you would like.
Interested in Leading
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Beyond the E
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and SEM
Emissions Reduction and SEM
SEM Business Cases
NW SEM 101
EMA Benchmarking
Small to Medium Business SEM Delivery
Are there any additional Working Groups that you would like to see? Please specify if you would like to lead or participate in this working group.
Please share any ideas for potential 2021 deliverables (white papers, guidance documents, etc.) you have relating to any of the Working Groups you selected.
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