Local Ride Survey
We are in the process of developing some new group bike rides in Macon! Our challenge is when to host the rides, how often and at what time? Can you help us? Your feedback will help us plan these events which will in turn provide more safe and fun outlets for you to ride with fellow cyclists in town.

The purpose is to create multiple avenues for all cyclists in/around Middle Georgia to have a safe and fun place to ride their bikes. These rides will not be a race, they will be "no drop rides" and the focus will be around safety, exercise and most importantly fun! We are only in the planning stages, so please share your feedback.

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If there was a day of the week better than others to ride your bike, what day would it be?
If you could ride two days per week, what would be the next best day?
If you could ride during the work week (Monday - Friday), what time range would be best?
If you could ride on the weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday), what time range would be best?
What part of Macon are you most interested in riding in/around? (Select all that apply)
Would you prefer a group ride follow a set recurring route?
What distance would you prefer to ride on a weekly basis?
What pace would you prefer to ride on a weekly basis?
Would you be interested in a social aspect after the group ride? Example: start and end at a local restaurant or watering hole and join the group for post-ride drinks and/or dinner.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share with us related to the future of group rides in Macon?
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If you would like to be notified of upcoming group rides, both new and established, please share your name and email address here...
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