Nutrition Champions 2015
The Transform Nutrition Research Programme Consortium in partnership with Save the Children are inviting nominations to recognise any individual who has had significant success in transforming thinking or action on nutrition.

NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN FROM 13 July - 15 September 2015

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In 300 words, please describe how the nominated individual’s actions have transformed thinking and action on nutrition in their country/locality, how this was achieved, and what are the likely short and long term benefits.
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Selection process
- A panel of 5 respected figures from the nutrition community will select 15-20 champions from the nominations received following agreed selection criteria.
- The stories of these nutrition champions will be showcased on the Transform Nutrition website and shared widely to help inspire and engage other potential leaders for nutrition.
- Those shortlisted will be considered for ‘media and advocacy training’ by Save the Children in early 2016 and then invited to attend the follow up event to Nutrition for Growth 2012 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in July or August 2016.
- They will meet other leaders in nutrition such as members of the SUN Lead Group, and present their experience at the meeting.
General information
- Individuals cannot nominate themselves in a personal capacity;
- Transform Nutrition partners or their affiliates are not eligible to apply:
- The stories of applicants will be shared and disseminated amongst the public.
- Those selected will be invited take part in publicity generated by the initiative.

NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN FROM 13 July - 15 September

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