KFMA Leave Reporting Site
Fill in your name and the date for the Friday which ends the reporting period. If there is no leave, click the button for "NLT" and submit. If there is leave to be reported, enter the amount of leave for each day and submit.

Please indicate the amount of leave (in hours) and type (eg. VAE, SCE, DDE, HDE, HCE, etc) for each day of the reporting period. Example: 4VAE = 4 hours of vacation time taken. If none is taken, check the button in the NLT row to report "No Leave Taken". The abbreviations for leave types are: DDE = Discretionary Day; VAE = Annual Leave; SCE = Sick Leave; JRE = Jury Duty; HDE = Holiday Leave; HCE = Holiday/Comp Time Leave. Report leave in increments of 4 or 8 hours only.

If you need to report leave for more than one period, click SUBMIT to submit the first set of data, then RESET and enter the data for the new period, followed by SUBMIT again.

Thank you. If you have any problems, contact Rich Llewelyn: 785.532.1504, or email: rvl@ksu.edu.
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