NJ STEM Month Awards - March 2019
New to 2019, the NJ STEM Month Awards are your chance to highlight the most outstanding examples of leadership, collaboration and achievement in STEM in New Jersey.

Winners will be honored at the 'STEM Fair' at the New Jersey State House on March 25th as part of NJ STEM Month.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 22, 2019.

There are five awards and their descriptions are as follows:

STEM Advocate of the Year (STEM Thought Leader & Advocate) - Celebrating a true spokesperson for STEM in New Jersey, this honor highlights an organization or individual who most effectively communicates the importance of STEM to New Jersey and its citizens. The NJSPN STEM Advocate of the Year is making big waves to ensure the Garden State continues to lead the nation in innovation and meaningful work.

STEM Civic Leadership Award - Organization or individual who demonstrates extraordinary civic leadership in STEM in their community. This award will be provided to those who have sought to improve and enhance the quality of STEM in their community through initiatives that include volunteerism, mentorship, and/or training.

STEM Collaboration of the Year - This award celebrates the individuals and/or organizations moving beyond silos to create a more connected in New Jersey. The STEM Collaborator develops partnerships and combines resources to provide outstanding STEM programming and establish clear career pathways in their community and beyond. To qualify, submissions must exhibit collaborations between three or more individuals or organizations.

STEM Educator of the Year (Inspiring STEM Minds of the Future) - Awarded to an individual or organization that has dedicated their time and energy to successfully improving STEM learning outcomes for students in New Jersey. The STEM Educator of the Year understands STEM as more than an acronym and promotes STEM as a way of thinking, developing a growth mindset and STEM identities in all learners.

Corporate STEM Champion of the Year - Awarded to a business that has demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting New Jersey’s STEM economy through education and/workforce initiatives. Commitments must include a minimum of two different types of engagement (e.g. funding, volunteerism, leadership, advocacy, etc.)

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