DOLLARWAY SCHOOL DISTRICT 2019-2020 Title-I Parent & Family Engagement Survey
Dollarway School District's schools are Title-I schools. The focus of Title-I programs is to help students meet high academic achievement standards, regardless of their socioeconomic background. The results of the following survey will be used to assist us with future planning for parental involvement and family engagement activities for the upcoming school year. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
I feel welcome at my child's school. *
Other parents at the school encourage me to be involved. *
Employees in the front office are polite to me when I am at the school. *
School employees are polite to me when I call the school. *
My child's school wants to hear my ideas about how to make the school better *
My child's school sees parents as important partners. *
If I need help or have a question, I know who to talk to at the school. *
In addition to report cards, the school tells me about my child's academic progress and state standards. *
My child's school makes sure I know what report card grades mean. *
The school guides me on how to assist my child with homework and learning. *
My child is treated fairly by all teachers and staff. *
Overall I am satisfied with the communication between the school and me. *
My child's school has high expectations for student achievement. *
How many school events did you attend last year? *
Has anyone ever asked you to volunteer? *
Have you volunteered at your child's school this year? *
If you did not volunteer, would you like to? *
Do you have internet access at home? *
On what topics would you like more information?
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How do you receive school-related information? (Check all that apply) *
Which school does your child attend? (check all that apply) *
In the space provided below please provide any additional information (tips, ideas, etc.) that you think might help us to serve you and your student better.
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