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This form is to be completed by individuals wishing to begin the Prearchiving process at the California Language Archive. It should be submitted once for each Collection that is to be created. More detailed information about the Prearchiving process can be found at Further questions regarding the CLA or regarding this form should be directed to
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Collection Title
We recommend not including the name of the researcher in the title of the collection, as this information will be readily available in the Collection metadata. Titles like "Caquinte Field Materials" or "Materials of the Berkeley Matsigenka Project" are recommended.
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Participant Names
Please format names with each name on a separate line as Last Name(s), First Name (Date of Birth - Date of Death). Date of Birth and Date of Death only need to be included if relevant to your project. Giving just a month and year, or just a year, is also permitted. For example:

Smith, Jane (July 11, 1888 - August 2, 1978)
Frank, Joe Allen (1955)
Martinez Sosa, Juan
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Participants who will have Prearchive access
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Language name(s)
Please provide the language name as you wish for it to appear, as well as the three-letter Ethnologue code that describes that language. Enter each language on a separate line. If possible, please also include common alternate names or spellings. Use the following format:

Language name (ISO); alternate names: Speech name, Other name.
Valley Zapotec (zab); alternate names: Tlacolula Valley Zapotec, Central Zapotec
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Place name(s)
Please provide the official names of places that will be associated with your Collection. If you can, provide the latitude and longitude of those places, as verified by a place name authority such as Put each place on a separate line, as below:

Oakland West, California (37.8715926, -122.2727470, United States Geological Survey)
El Encanto, Oaxaca, Mexico (16.226677, -94.163016, Geonet Names Server)
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