The ultimate clinical trial search tool survey
The purpose of this survey is to understand what the public wish they could find out about clinical trials when they search for them.

It is part of the market research that will help us find or create an appropriate data source and trial search tool to help the Research4Me visitors find trials. We don't want to create something new if good trial search tools already exist - in fact we want to share those tools with our website visitors. But if there is room for improvement, then your feedback on this survey will help us look for ways to provide you with you what you wish existed.

This survey is being conducted using Google Forms, and the data collected will be maintained online in my Google Drive (password protected) or as an offline copy on a hard drive (password protected).

There are 5-9 questions depending on your answers to the first question, and we anticipate it will take on average 5-6 mins to answer these (unless you have lots of feedback you want to share).

All questions are optional and you can complete this survey anonymously. If you are happy for us to follow-up with you if we have questions about your answers, then please leave your contact details at the end.

If you have any questions about this survey, please email us: MoreInfo@Research4.Me

Thanks in advance.

Janelle Bowden
Founder, Research4Me

Have you ever searched online for a clinical trial?
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