Berges Fest Parade Entry Application
Berges Fest Parade, June 15th 2019 -- Staging starts at 8:00am, Judging starts 9:00am, and Parade starts 10:00am
Entry Fee is $25
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So that you can receive proper recognition and acknowledgement from the reviewing stand, please provide some background information about your group. The write-up should be aimed at people who know little about your organization and should be relatively short, about 40-50 words. Please include names of Queens, Princesses, Duchesses, politicians, other dignitaries, etc., who will be riding on the entry:
Boerne Berges Fest Parade Rules
*Parade will begin promptly at 10:00 am.
*Parade Route: Starting on North Main at Fredrick Proceeding South on Main
*Judging of the entries will start at 9:00am in the staging area.
*Parade line-up and route maps will be available 7 days prior to the parade on the Berges Fest web site.
*Please ONLY use this as a guide. You are still REQUIRED to check in.
*All entries are to be “Family-Friendly” and suitable for all audiences.
*Entries will be judged on its originality, Theme, Costumes and its over-all quality.
*Safety is our first priority – Yours and our spectators! Boerne Berges Fest reserves the right to remove any entrant from the parade due to safety concerns, or any other reason, either prior to assembly, while assembling or any time during the parade.
*All participants are responsible for ensuring that the design and operation of their entry is safe and reliable.
*Drivers of any and all vehicles in the parade areas must possess a valid drivers’ license, be at
least 18 years old, and possess all liability vehicle insurance.
*Drivers of any and all vehicles in the parade shall not have consumed any alcoholic beverages. All city, county and TX state statues concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages will be strictly enforced by the police before and during the parade.
*Application fees are non-refundable for accepted entries.
*Boerne Berges Fest has a ZERO tolerance policy for those choosing to abuse our volunteers or our entries. Please promptly report violators to parade officials on route (or afterwards to the parade organizer).
*Applicant ensures children (under 12 years of age) in parade unit will be adequately supervised from parade lineup to completion.
*It is the responsibility of parents and/or guardians with children participating in the parade to make necessary arrangements to have children met and picked-up at designated points.
*City of Boerne rules prohibit candy or other promotional items from being tossed from floats to the parade spectators. Items may be handed out by people walking along side your entry. Any participants caught throwing candy or objects will be asked to exit the parade.
*Any parade entry that involves horses or other animals must have some sort of manure catcher attached to the animal.
*For safety purposes, it is recommended that helmets be worn by all riders of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, scooters (motorized or not), motorcycles, etc.
*Any interpretation of parade rules, Boerne Berges Fest decision shall be final.
These rules are subject to change on short notice. Advance notice will be given appropriately. Entrants must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow instructions from police and parade officials. Failure to comply with the parade rules will result in their removal from the parade (even if in progress) and may result in banning from future participation.
Any monetary donations you are willing to make in order to help offset the cost of traffic control and security for the parade would be greatly appreciated.
General Release
GENERAL RELEASE: The undersigned does hereby and forever discharge the Boerne Berges Fest Association of and from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever in law or equity, from any loss or damage to the undersigned's property while in the possession, supervision, or auspices of the Boerne Berges Fest Association, it's agents, representatives or employees. I further agree that I hereby grant the Boerne Berges Fest and its legal representatives and assignees the irrevocable and unrestricted rights to use and publish photographs or video of this Entry and the Entry's participants, or persons accompanying it, for purposes of publicity, solicitation of sponsorship, advertising, broadcast or cablecast on television or radio, display on the internet, and any other purpose and in any manner or medium, or for any other purpose, now and in the future, forever, by the Boerne Berges Fest., without any notice or further compensation to me I hereby release Boerne Berges Fest and its legal representatives and assignees from all claims and liability relating to said photography and/or other video imaging processes.

By signing this form, applicant acknowledges reading all Rules and agrees to abide by all rules set forth in the application
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