Find out what you need to know about physics education.
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Instructor: Professor Man, Physics Ph. D. from Princeton University, an award-winning college physics professor with excellent publication records and 10+ years of physics teaching experience.

Is physics that hard?
Is physics “talent” inborn or acquired?
In Germany and other countries, formal physics begins in the 7th grade. What did USA students miss?
Why is physics special in providing critical-thinking and problem-solving training?
How to plant the seed for the lifelong pleasure of finding things out?
What are essential to master before taking AP physics?
How is physics related to and different from math?
Why shouldn't qualitative physics study relying on and wait for math study?
How to plan for different physics study roadmaps based on different academic goals?
What is wrong with physics education in the USA?
How can we fix it for our kids?
How to learn physics effectively?
What can I offer?

Prepared for parents and G6-G9 students in the USA system or in USA-style international schools.

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