Microsanctuary Resource Center Micro-Grant Application Form
Thank you for your interest in the Microsanctuary Resource Center micro-grant program!

These micro-grants are meant to help microsanctuaries with funding small projects, be it for startup or expansion and improvement, as well as for reproductive healthcare. We have four separate funding programs: Reproductive Healthcare, Startup, and Special Projects, as well as Microsanctuaries of Color (if interested in applying for the Microsanctuaries of Color Fund, please find the application on our website).

Grants do not need to be paid back or returned if used for approved purposes.

Please read about our micro-grant program on our website before filling out this application to determine if you are eligible to receive a grant. Note that we screen applicants and will keep in touch after you receive your grant in order to help you be successful.

Grants will not be given to projects or individuals using animals in any way. Veganism is central to all microsanctuaries.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to get in touch with us at info@microsanctuary.org!

Reporting Requirements

If you receive a grant, you will be asked for the following:

ASAP: Grant Agreement form, which is your contract by which you agree to use funds as described in your application and keep in touch about progress, problems, and questions along the way.

Within 12 months of acceptance: A Final Report describing how you used your funds, completion of the project, and impact it has had. Please provide copies of receipts for expenses covered by the grant as well.

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Are you vegan? If so, for how long? Do you or other members of your household use any animal products? If you are not vegan, are you transitioning? *
What is your experience with rescuing and caring for animals? *
Do you own or rent your property? If rent, please provide details about your lease agreement, any restrictions on animals or use of property, etc. (We discourage rescuing too many animals on rented property.) You may be required to submit a copy of your lease and/or landlord letter of approval. *
Are you a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization? (If yes, please provide a copy of your determination letter.) *
How many non-human residents (of all species) currently live at your microsanctuary/sanctuary? *
Do you have a current or future maximum number of residents for your microsanctuary/sanctuary? If so, what is it? *
Where have your residents come from in the past? Shelters, guardian surrenders, etc. What other situations do you plan to rescue animals from? *
Please explain your policy on purchasing animals for rescue purposes (this does not include adoption fees from animal shelters)
Please describe your position on breeding for all species at your sanctuary (intentional or unintentional), as well as what preventative measures are taken. *
If you have bird residents, what do you do with any eggs? *
Please describe your setup for current and/or future residents: buildings, living quarters, separate medical care facilities, etc. Please also provide photographs showing as much as you can of the specific animal infrastructure; pictures of the property, etc. may also be helpful as relevant (see below). *
Please provide veterinary references (at least one per species already in your care--it’s fine if one vet sees multiple species). Name, e-mail, and/or phone. *
If you don’t currently have a vet, what will you do for future vet care? *
Please provide 2-3 personal references (name, e-mail, and/or phone). *
Which micro-grant fund are you applying to? *
Reproductive Healthcare Fund: Please provide a description of your proposed use of funds, including the nature of the planned procedure(s), the veterinarian you will be using, expected costs, and any specific issues or complications you foresee. (Please note that we usually send funds directly to a specified veterinarian upon approval.)
Startup Fund: Please provide a description of your proposed use of funds, anticipated costs and timeframe, and how it will impact current or future residents. (For microsanctuaries less than a year old.)
Special Projects Fund: Please provide a description of your proposed use of funds, anticipated costs and timeframe, and how the project will impact current or future residents. (Projects must be under $5,000 anticipated budget.)
Is there anything else you want us to know about the project? *
Do you anticipate needing additional funds for this project? If so, what is your plan to cover expenses? *
Do you anticipate doing outreach as part of operating your microsanctuary? If so, please describe ideas or plans, as well as the impact you hope to have (this can be fairly broad and open-ended, including local neighborhood, online, cultural or ethnic community, etc.); outreach is not mandatory for receiving a grant, though we hope you'll share your experiences with others! *
Photographs of animal living space(s): please e-mail to info@microsanctuary.org. *
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