HAPPY: Hypertension Screening Shift Sign-Up Form (Fall 2017)
You must review our policies for volunteers at: http://www.yale.edu/happy/

This form is due by SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th

Scheduling all volunteers is a difficult process, so please only indicate times that you are sure you can commit to every week for the semester. Remember that quizzes must ALSO be completed by SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th even if you are a returning volunteer.

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E-mail address *
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Were you an active volunteer last semester (Fall 2016)? *
Did you substitute (not swap) for any shifts last semester (Fall 2016)? *
Did you volunteer this past summer (Summer 2016)? *
Have you received training from HAPPY on how to take a blood pressure reading? *
Have you received a blood pressure cuff from HAPPY? *
Have you completed and emailed the HAPPY quiz to yale.happy.project@gmail.com *
Is this your first time volunteering with HAPPY? *
If given a shift, are you willing to purchase a HAPPY T-shirt to better represent our services in the community? *
Shirts increase our cohesiveness as a group, so we prefer that all volunteers have one!
Do you have a driver's license? *
Do you have Dwight Hall Driving Certification? *
If granted a shift and a car, would you be willing to take the Dwight Hall Driver's Certification Test and drive you and your shift mates to a service site? *
Please select your FIRST choice for a weekly volunteering time. *
Please select your SECOND choice for a weekly volunteering time. *
Please select your THIRD choice for a weekly volunteering time. *
If you have already selected two options during the weekend (Sat and Sun), please select a non-weekend option unless you absolutley cannot make the weekday options.
If we are unable to assign you a shift, would you be interested in being a substitute volunteer? *
Basically you'll be on the volunteer panlist, so that you can fill in for people whenever they are unable to attend their shifts
If we are unable to assign you a shift, would you like to be contacted if new shifts become available? *
We are looking into several new locations and times!
Are there any special considerations we need to know when assigning you to one of your preferred volunteering slots? *
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Do you accept the terms that we expect volunteers to attend most, if not all, of their shifts, or to find a replacement if they plan on missing? We reserve the right to reassign someone your shift if your attendance rate is low. *
This isn't meant to be mean, we just have a lot of volunteers who would like a shift, so we hope that if you feel you are unable to attend most of your shifts (i.e., miss more than ~4 shifts), we would like you to consider giving your shift to someone else, and staying on as a substitute volunteer instead
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