CAS Volunteer Survey
CAS members obviously possess a wide variety of abilities. Many already share their talents as board members and committee chairs; by participating in public, scout and school outreach star parties; helping with the upkeep on the facilities and telescopes - a whole spectrum of activities.

Many other CAS members would like to become more involved but are unsure where their skills are most needed and how they can join in. This survey tells us how you would like to actively participate in your Society. Please take a moment to send us your thoughts.

You will be contacted in the near future to discuss the ways you'd like to get involved. If you are not interested right now, that's fine! Please continue to enjoy and share with others all the wonderful facilities and programs CAS has to offer!

If you change your mind or want to update your responses, just complete the form again. Also note that by expressing an interest in an area, you are not locked into specific activities. The survey is intended to identify the skills and talents our members have, so we can match them to their most rewarding volunteer opportunities. Thanks!
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Is there anything else you would like to share with the CAS organization, or further clarification of the answers from above? They don't have to be astronomy-related hobbies or talents!
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