21st Masquerade Ball Song Requests!!
Hope ya'll are HYPED for this year's 21st Annual Masquerade Ball!! If you haven't gotten your TIX yet, get them RNRN!! :D

Join us and DVC for a magical night with NEW FRIENDS AND MEMORIES, TONS OF DANCING, AND LIT AF MUSIC! Of course, we need your help so DROP DOWN your song requests.

We will consider ALL songs, artists, and genres! (Classics included). Our DJs will do their best to incorporate the songs to create a great mix!!

Thank you and See you all there! ( :

Please list any songs you would like to hear at MBall!! Include the song name and artist. They can be new and/or throwbacks.
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If there aren't any specific songs, please list any artists you would like to hear!
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Genre or vibe of music you would like to be played here. Ex. Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Billboard Hot 100.
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Any comments or suggestions?
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