USERN mTalk Application form for Abstract Submission
Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest in USERN mTalk Competition for Juniors 🏅

Proudly, we are providing this unique opportunity for juniors to not only present the results of their scientific projects, but also improve their presentation skills 🕴
The unique features of mTalk Series:
- Attractive educatinal competition
- Judged by the most qualified seniors
- Inspirational mTalks by well-known scientific and social celebrities!

And finally, the best delegates in each round will get the chance to present in the final competition and the best of bests will win the battle! 🏆

So, ready for this competition? Fill this form by March 11th for the Forth round!

Good Luck!
Talk and Workshop Management Division
USERN Deputy of Scientific Affairs

Join us in this unique opportunity: mTalk for Junoirs!
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