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Thank you so much for your interest in helping to spread the message of Doughnut Economics far and wide! We are really keen to crowd-source these translations and, in doing so, demonstrate the power of the crowd!

The nine short animated videos ( include a total of 1,800 words that need to be translated and then returned to Hallina Popko ( ideally with 2-3 weeks of your receiving the script.

In return, you will be credited for your contribution, with your name appearing on screen at the end of each video.

We are looking both for translators (to translate the text) and for reviewers (to check the translation and suggest changes if needed). We need two people for each language. If you have a friend who is also fluent in your language, it could be a fun project to do together, with your names appearing together on screen.

All languages are welcome! As you can hear in the animations, the words used are not technical or difficult, and so should not be a problem for people who are fluent in both English and another language.

Once the translation and review are complete, your text will be added as YouTube video subtitles – and will help to make the ideas of Doughnut Economics accessible to a very wide international audience. We hope you'll feel proud to have been part of the project.

If you would like to contribute, please complete this form, noting your preference to be translator or reviewer, and we will email the scripts to you so you can get started on the project.

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