ProjectWork and Google Drive
This tutorial helps you to understand:
- Cloud applications
- Layout of ProjectWork
- Interaction with Google Drive
- Sharing with others
- Real-time collaboration
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At the end of the tutorial you can ask questions on the discussed topics and give recommendations on the tutorial. More tutorials mentioned at the end of this tutorial are:
- ProjectWork and Project Management
- ProjectWork and Project Planning

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Cloud applications
ProjectWork and Google Drive are so-called cloud applications. They run in a browser and store data at a central server that is accessed over the internet. ProjectWork uses Google Drive to store its data. The opposite of a cloud application is a desktop application.
What is true about a cloud application?
Select all correct answers.
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Open Example ProjectWork schedule
Click and open the read-only Example ProjectWork schedule:
Because the file is read-only the ProjectWork-Viewer is opened.

You may need to connect ProjectWork to Google Drive first.

You may need to sign-in and give permission to access ProjectWork files in Google Drive first.

Connect ProjectWork to Google Drive
Open file with ProjectWork
Layout of ProjectWork
The layout consists of 4 panels that can be seen by scrolling to the left and right in the Example schedule. You can see 2 or 3 panels at a time.

Each individual panel can be scrolled up-down and left-right.

Scroll layout to the left and right
Which panel is situated on the far left in the layout?
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Tasks and Resources
When you click in the Tasks table on a task row in the Example schedule the center panel shows it details. At the same time the Resources table on the left highlights the assigned resource row(s) and the quantity column # shows the assigned quantities.

The same is true when you click on a resource row.

Selected task with details and resources
What is the resource assignment of subtask1?
1 point
What is the quantity assignment of subtask3?
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What can you say about utilization in the Capacity chart?
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Google Drive
Open Google Drive tab in your browser by clicking Google Drive in the ProjectWork-Viewer menu in the center panel.
Google Drive in ProjectWork menu
ProjectWork file in Google Drive
How can you open a ProjectWork schedule?
Select all correct answers.
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Drive document attached to task
Clicking Documents will open the Documents view. Under Documents click Add button. Select in the file picker the file you want to add from Google Drive. You will see a thumbnail underneath and a Google Drive icon in the task row. Clicking this icon will open the Documents view as well.
Real-time collaboration
By sharing a schedule file with others in Google Drive the schedule can be viewed or even edited by different users. Simultaneous editing is possible when users have the file open in their browser: a change by one is visible in all browsers. For real-time viewing no trial or license is required.
Share with others in ProjectWork menu
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