35L Sunday Sales - Merchant Application
Please, read all requirements before apply! :)

* All Styles are welcome.
* Items must be at least 70L to be offer as 35L.
* Merchants are not required to join every week, but you are expected to participate at least once a month.
* Fee to join the weekly list: 150L per store
* Good established business.
* No resellers. No Gachas Resellers. No yard sales. No outlets. No warehouses.
* No Art/Frames Store only.
* It is required that someone be a member of the 35L merchant group.
* Acceptable items are original and mesh templates with added original work (meaning at least textures).
* We do not require new items, but we do not accept items older than 2015 and outdated items like classic sizes, old layers, old prims...
* We are not accepting marketplace stores only. You need have a in-world store with a proper landmark.
* We do not accepted any kind of Copyright Issues, included Pictures and Tattoos, Meshes, Cartoon Characters and Music from WEB.
* We do not support any merchant that break TOS of SL or FP Stores. It is responsibility of each merchant to check with FP designer if they allow promotional price and if they have price rules.
* Please, check the authenticity of the FP stores and FP designers you are buying from. We do not support FP thieves.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of the list is NOT for Cheap, Outdated, Old or Poor Quality items. Keep this in mind that what you offer at the list is what represent your store for the customers.

NOTE: We will contact you in-world if you are approved!

* We do not contact stores if they are not approved. But this not means merchants can not apply again, rules and requirements can change and also stores.

* Few reasons why stores are NOT approve:

Use of pictures/images from Internet (Frames, clothes, tattoos…).
Issues with copyrights names, brands, images and etc.
Pictures frames stores.
Resale of gachas items mixed with store items at marketplace.
Store without style focus, means selling a little from all, furniture, clothes, shapes, nails and so on.
Average price less than 99L.
Outdated items (Classic Sizes, Classic Layers, Sculpted…).
Templates without texture working (ex. just dragging textures to templates without work them in some graphics editor).
Most items with mesh templates and ready textures, just boxing items.
Business in a box / Reseller.
In-world store not found or under construction (if we can not see we can not aprove).
Stores located in malls without a landing point at least in front the store.
Not enough items and too many weekly events/hunts going on.
Child/Toddler Items. This is an adult sales.
Nowadays, we are not accepting former 35L merchants that left the group in the past.

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