2018 Santa's Shoppe Merchant Application
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Space Rental
Merchants can rent either a table or a booth for the event. All merchants will receive two chairs, a sign with your business name and location, two merchant badges, listing on the Junior League of Spartanburg Website and access to the merchant hospitality room.

Table rental includes only one table, approximately eight feet long. With a table rental, merchants are allowed only the space on top of their table to display their products. The walkways in front of, behind, and beside the table must remain clear, and items cannot be hung from the pipe and drape behind the table.

Booth rental includes pipe and drape along three sides of the booth and one electrical outlet. Please note that a table is not included in your booth rental.

Additional items, such as tables, electrical outlets, and lighting may be rented for additional fees.

The Merchants Committee cannot guarantee you will receive the option you select. Please note priority in booth accommodation is given to merchants as they submit both the complete contract and full payment.

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Please note that you must complete this application in order to receive a contract. The Merchants Committee reserves the right to offer contracts based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the timeliness of filing and number of similar merchants. The Merchants Committee will contact you as soon as a decision is made regarding your application. We request that you send pictures of your products to jlsmerchants@gmail.com (please put your booth name in the subject line). Santa's Shoppe is our organization's largest fundraiser each year. We use the funds raised to support our community projects such as grants to teachers in Spartanburg County, and encouraging childhood literacy and healthy lifestyles. Without you, we would not be able sustain our impact in the community! Thank you for your interest in our event and your patience as we determine our slate of merchants for the 2018 year.
Please contact the Merchants Chair, Melody, at JLSmerchants@gmail.com
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