Stevens Square Community Organization - Neighborhoods 2020 Feedback
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This form is organized by each section of the Neighborhoods 2020 document, which was written and published by the City's Neighborhoods & Community Relations department (NCR). You can find the document in 4 languages at

No questions are required, feel free to comment on any number of sections. At the end is a general space to provide additional comments that don't fit elsewhere. Be sure to hit Submit at the end!

Please note this form is for residents of the Stevens Square-Loring Heights area only, the following are the neighborhood's boundaries: 1-94 to the north, 35-W to the east, Franklin Avenue to the south, and Lyndale Avenue to the west. If you are a resident of another community, please contact your neighborhood organization and/or the City directly with your feedback.

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Support Services
Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) will provide training, technical assistance, and tools and resources to neighborhood organizations. NCR also recommends providing assistance and financial incentives for neighborhood organizations to implement Pooled Services, like shared staff, accounting services, shared office spaces, community outreach efforts like doorknocking, healthcare and benefits administration, and projects in multiple neighborhoods.
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Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) recommends 3-year cycles for funding, with 75% of community engagement programming going to neighborhoods, and 25% going to community based organizations (CBOs).

Recommendations include that awards are segmented:
+ 50% "Base Funding" for organizational needs like staff, rent, and access tools like food or interpretation;
+ 25% available for "Impact Funding" to increase engagement activities, awarded annually based on intended outcomes;
+ 25% available for "Discretionary Funding" for one-time projects that could be potentially self-sustaining in the future and are unique to the neighborhood, such as outreach staff, planning, farmer's markets, community gardens, housing/business development, and traffic/infrastructure projects.

Community organization funding will go to organizations to develop and prepare leaders to serve on boards, and to produce projects that engage targeted diverse audiences beyond neighborhood borders.

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Neighborhood Organization Expectations
Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) recommends that to the eligible for funding, neighborhood organizations must agree to certain conditions:

Financial and Legal Accountability - Undergoing NCR-approved audit, cooperation with any investigations of financial/legal issues, should use an approved accounting/financial software program.

Expectations to Perform - Adhere to a set of minimum standards completed during the contract period, reporting contract deliverables annually.

Bylaws - Minimum standard set of requirements for organizational bylaws.

Meetings and Participation - Required to have an annual meeting with board of director elections and quarterly membership meetings. Standardizing process for nominating and electing board candidates. Proposing a Neighborhood Election Day.

Board Membership & Leadership Development - No more than 25% of the board membership to serve more than 6 years. Require board officer term limits. Allow ex-officio (non-voting) board members (optional).

Diversity/Representation - Annual reporting on board diversity, and requirements to create "Diversity Action Plan" if demographics of board differ significantly from neighborhood demographics. Organizations not completing a plan and meeting diversity standards in 18 months may have funded reduced or terminated.

Outreach - Organizations are required to develop a robust engagement outreach plan including direct resident contact.

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Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) recommends establishing a new Community Engagement Commission of 10-15 members, all appointed through the City's appointment process.

NCR also recommends keeping a separate NRP policy board, and that improvements will be made to align NRP with the vision and goals of Neighborhoods 2020. NRP (the Neighborhood Revitalization Program) was a program begun in 1991 providing significant funding (millions of dollars) to distressed neighborhoods to revitalize their communities.

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Other Thoughts & Ideas
What feedback do you have about Neighborhoods 2020 that might not fit in one of the sections above?
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Please share a specific story or example of why a robust neighborhood organization like SSCO is important to you.
The more specific the better. Did you get involved in your neighborhood because of an event produced by SSCO like Red Hot Art? What about Safety Committee makes the neighborhood safer? Did you find a solution to a problem because of help by SSCO? Does a particular activity like Block Patrol help you feel more connected to your community? Do you get fresh vegetables from the Farmer's Market that you can't find elsewhere in the area?
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Any other thoughts, questions, or concerns about the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood you'd like to share?
We won't share these answers with the City, but we always want to make space for this question. Please include your email or a phone number if you'd like us to follow up with you.
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