Icing Smiles Merchandise Fundraiser
Icing Smiles, to show our appreciation, will be giving the top three clubs that take part and raise the most money awards at this upcoming 69th annual Leadership Training Conference. To give every club interested a fair shot (fair start) at the awards, Icing Smiles will provide clubs that part take with a box of our merchandise. This box will be worth $200.00 which include Icing Smiles pens, decal stickers, patches, notebooks, and bags . These boxes will begin to be provided at the start of the new school year in September. But you can begin to fill out this form to request your box. This form will allow you (the clubs) to request your box, so that we know you are interested in taking part in the "District Wide" fundraiser and so that we can get the box to you as soon as we can.
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Keep in mind you can always continue to raise funds for Icing Smiles upon completion on the "Merchandise Fundraiser." You can host bake sales, car washes, or movie days. Just remember to contact Student Ambassador, Daniel Corpuz about any additional fundraisers.

More importantly, remember to make out the checks to "Icing Smiles Inc." and to send all funds raised directly to Mr. John Goldstein the New York District Key Club Administrator, so he can add it to your school's total." His address is as follows:

John Goldstein
590 Mullock Road
Port Jervis, New York 12771

If any merchandise is left over please send it back to Daniel Corpuz, with a note indicating how much money was already raised (not the actual check). His address is as follows:

Daniel Corpuz
15 Drysdale Street
Staten Island, New York 10314

Keep "baking a difference!"

New York District Key Club is Baking a Difference
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